Help find Itai Dzamara | Phoebe Price

Itai Dzamara is a Zimbabwean journalist, peaceful pro-democracy activist and leader of the protest group Occupy Africa Unity Square.  On 9th March 2015 he was abducted whilst having his hair cut in Harare.  Since this day there has been no contact or news of Dzamara, who had been organising protests calling for President Robert Mugabe to resign.

Dzamara had previously been targeted by state security agents, abducted and unlawfully detained.  Five months before his disappearance, police beat the activist unconscious and attacked a rights lawyer who attempted to assist him.

Dzamara’s family reported his disappearance to Glen Norah Police station.  However, no meaningful investigation has taken place.  The lack of effort in finding information relating to the abduction and disappearance is verified by the failure of authorities to submit a comprehensive report to the courts.

A year later, Dzamara’s whereabouts and wellbeing remain unknown. His family still have no answers.

Amnesty International are calling on President Mugabe to take all measures necessary to establish the fate and whereabouts of Itai Dzamara.   The President is being urged to set up an independent judge led Commission of Inquiry into the disappearance of Dzamara with the powers to subpoena witnesses and to make the findings of this Inquiry public, with those suspected of being implicated brought to justice in fair trials.

Take action and sign this campaign:


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