Editor’s weekly round-up

What’s been going on this week at Durham Amnesty?

The meeting:

Katie gave us an informative talk about how the humanitarian crisis is affecting children in Syria, followed by a very good BBC Panorama documentary which you should definitely watch. Warning though, disturbing images.


We also had a quick look at the website Syria 360. This project aims to document how Assad’s illegal acts in the war have devastated the country. Get onto it here: http://360syria.com/

The action:

We signed a letter to Theresa May, asking her to take action, including targeted sanctions, to help protect the children of Aleppo. You can also sign the letter here: https://www.amnesty.org.uk/actions/theresa-may-protect-children-aleppo-syria

Future plans:

We spoke about a future action coming up, which will be a drive for clothes donations to take to a refugee charity in Newcastle. Any kind of clothing, homeware, or bedding is appreciated. Make sure it’s clean and not broken. This will take place in Castle College before we break for Christmas, exact time and place to be confirmed. So have a little look through your clothes and think what you could do with getting rid of.



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