Editor’s weekly round-up

What’s been going on this week at Durham Amnesty?

The meeting:

This week Stevie gave a presentation about indigenous rights in Latin America, taking Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico and Peru as case studies. We saw how, although the conditions of indigenous peoples have improved somewhat, their rights are still not being respected. In particular, land rights have been a contentious issue all over the region. Business interests such as mining and extraction claim ownership of land, often using it in unsustainable projects which tarnish it for further use.

We returned to Máxima Acuña, who we had previously written letters to in our Write for Rights event in December. We watched a video about her struggle:

Which led us to…

The action:

We signed Amnesty International’s petition to Peru’s Minister of the Interior, asking him to protect Máxima Acuña and her family from intimidation and violence. If you would like to add your voice, you can do so here.

Other things:

  • We spoke about the Amnesty International conference and AGM which is happening April 8/9th in Nottingham. If you’d like to come along with us that would be great! The conference itself is free, you just need to pay for travel and accommodation. Book your place here.

  • We spoke about our ‘Bridges not Walls’ action which will be happening in a few weeks time. Please save up any cardboard or crafty things you might have, so we can start making banners etc.

  • Some of our Amnesty group went to the protest in Newcastle against the actions of Donald Trump.

  • We also encourage everyone to tweet Donald Trump and tell him why his policy decisions are terrible for human rights.


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